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Guttering can be efficiently installed if the following poceedure is followed. Rainwater systems are supported by the Running Outlets and the Unions as well as the Gutter Support Brackets, all of which, must be fixed wherever possible to the appropriate Fascia or support bracket. Alternatively, they can be held securely by Rise and Fall Brackets.  (See notes below).


1. Position the Running Outlet vertically above the drain into which the rainwater will run,  we would suggest using a plumb line to give vertical accuracy. Fix the Running Outlet into position at the lowest point possible, thus allowing for the horizontal fall of the Guttering.

2. Fix the Gutter Bracket that is furthest away from the Running Outlet in a higher postion that will produce the desired horizontal fall, this is to encourage the rainwater to flow towards the Outlet. 

3. Stretch a taut line between this Bracket and the Running Outlet, thereby establishing a straight Gutter line. Fix the remainder of the Brackets to the Fascia following the run of this line, with Unions being fixed at the joint between two lengths of Gutter.  (Note: Gutter Bracket spacing should NOT exceed 900mm).

4. Cut and fit the lengths of Gutter as necessary to complete the run into the outlets.


Gutter support spacing should NOT exceed 900mm. Roofs with a pitch exceeeding 35 Deg and/or with smooth surfaces or subject to Heavy Snow loading, support spacing should not exceed 600mm. Various Gutter Angles may or may not incorporate fixing points. Those that do have fixing points, adjacent Gutter Brackets should remain within 900mm. Those that do not have fixing points, the Gutter Brackets should be no more that 150mm away.  

Where, due to an absence of Fascia or due to the design of the building, Gutter support Brackets cannot be fitted then Rafter Top and Side Brackets may provide suitable alternatives. Rise and Fall Brackets driven into the wall will support the Gutter system where there is no Fascia and Rafter Brackets are impractical. These are positioned against alternative sides of Union Brackets, Running Outlets or angles along the installation to prevent any excessive thermal movement in any direction.